Our Inspiration.

We have been creating art for decades, but got enough push from others to make it available to the wider world. Inspired to create interesting perspectives of ordinary things, places, people and events, we create many images in a black, white, and gray of painting, pen/ink and photography, but will throw color at work as needed.  Art and family keep us inspired, and we hope to keep the art flowing within our son.  Please enjoy our work.  Tweet us ideas at @judesilva4 or follow us on Instagram

Major areas of focus.

ART. Jude Silva creates original works of art in various media.  He works with acrylic paint, pen and ink and tempra colors.  Drawing from inspiration around the world, historical events and in his own backyard, he develops a unique perspective on an ordinary item. DESIGN. Specializing in small spaces, Jude and Gigi can transform a small space into a warm, inviting, open area to either work, play or relax.  Jude finds and restore unique antique furniture and can find the perfect wall paint in 10 minutes, seriously.  Gigi can help in organizing the space for better movement.
PHOTOGRAPHY. Gigi photographs life and scenes to halt life for a moment and pursue observation.

The Team

Jude Silva
Artist / Father / Dreamer


Gigi Kruse-Silva
Photographer / Mother / Manager