Chaotic Patterns


Chaotic Patterns

So our little town of Niles was the epicenter of the last California earthquake to wake people up. Wake up to the idea we live and sleep on top of a moving Earth and that our world can change in about 2 minutes of shaking. I think many retailers benefited from the influx of panicked […] Read More

Momma Cat

Why Alley Cats?

Many people have inquired why Jude chose alley cats for his debut series with B Street Studio.  The main inspiration came from all the alley cats we see on our lane, especially in the morning and evening when they are on the prowl and casting neat shadows.  We don’t own a cat or even consider […] Read More

When we bought the house, this room had ruby red walls.  Yes, ruby red.  To make the room seem larger, we painted three walls bright white and one accent wall with a medium gray.

Living and Loving Small Spaces

Small spaces can be fun to organize and stylize; however, focus on reducing clutter.  Keeping the space open and correctly lit makes a small space feel big and inviting instead of claustrophobic. We bought a 2-bedroom, 1-bath, 743 square foot home in the Bay Area, which to a New Yorker like my brother, our cottage […] Read More


East Village Inspiration

Four years has passed since we have been to New York City, so when we decided to head east to visit family, a stop in NYC was part of the itinerary.  My brother lives there so the guise that family was the stimulus can remain intact, but really, we wanted to see art, shops and […] Read More


Story of B Street Studio

As our business venture (adventure?) legitimately starts, many people have posed the question, “Where is B Street in Niles?” If you are from Niles, then you know…there is no B Street in Niles.  And, if you analyze our business site carefully, we are located on Iron Horse Lane. So, here is the scoop, as we can tell […] Read More